Sunday, May 10, 2015

Flock to Fort Rock for Music as Vicious as a Croc

Southwest Florida’s largest rock show is reason enough to leave your chateau, as you’ll find yourself jaw-dropped, “whoa!”

It’s a phenomenal lineup of bands, playing to an audience that understands and responds by throwing up their hands.

This creates quite a spark, as it’s not your average day at the Jet Blue Baseball Park, especially with a big moshpit after dark.

Whether you want to dance with the musical spirit, or vent frustrations in a mosh pit, there’s others that are into it.

The only bad thing about Fort Rock is that blazing sun might make you squawk, so find somewhere in the shade and small talk.

If you find that you don’t have to pee, don’t clap your hands and shout with glee, as dehydration is not always easy to foresee.

Hark and listen to these words I say: don’t forget to have fun all day while listening to the awesome array of bands play.

The duo call ’68 is anything but lightweight, as their creative moves dictate positions that requires faith in bandmate.

Young Guns played in the sun’s heat, forcing people off their feet, as tons more people poured in from off of the street.

The beauty of Lola Black is that there’s a thrash-like smack to the face, forceful beats commanding an melodic attack.

The guys in Starset play until they are dripping wet, but everyone in the mid-day heat is slimy with drenched sweat.

We Are Harlot took the stage; prancing around, they engage the audience to start to feel the rock and roll type rage.

Motionless in White was actually quite a delight, as they started the stage show off right with a chainsaw to fright.

The Vamps lead singer waved a flag in the air, they had that gothic flare with a seductive rock that was made to ensnare.

The Butcher Babies don’t have time for wishy washy maybes, they’ll infect you like a wild frothing animal with rabies.

The Pretty Reckless was not distress, more like a caress from a musical noblesse; the festival is a musical coalesce.

In This Moment’s stage show was the one that made the mind blow: hot chicks dancing in fog had many eyes aglow. 

Papa Roach took the more traditional rocker approach, with moves that do not require practice with a dancing coach.

Breaking Benjamin calls out that singer from within, as many audience members sing along if you listen; watch lips move and grin.

Godsmack incites that mosh pit whack, as people are getting tired of holding back, shouting lyrics as a musical wolfpack.

During Slipknot, you don’t want to get caught in a moshpit and get distraught; throw knees and elbows like a big shot.

The baseball park is one big mosh pit.  Run to the very back if you need to sit.  People throw down til the end of it.

It’s a way to release all that pent up rage, while grooving to the bands tearing up the stage, regardless of your age.

Talk to someone you don’t know, try to make a new friend by the end of the show, and carry a huge smile as you go.

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