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Molice Interview

Names and positions of band members: My name is Rinko. I sing and play Rhythm Guitar. My name is Yuzuru. I play Guitar. My name is Takashi. I play Drums.

Author Marisa Williams: What is your hometown, is that where you live now, and if you were a tourist in your hometown, what would be worth seeing?

Rinko : I'm originally from Kanazawa, Ishikawa.   I currently live in Tokyo.   I recommend Kenroku-en in Kanazawa, one of the tree great gardens in Japan.

Yuzuru : I'm from Muroran, Hokkaido. Interesting city that Port, factories and nature exist together.   I live in Tokyo now.

Takashi : I'm from Okinawa. I've lived in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Osaka, Sendai, and Tokyo, and I live in Tokyo as well. In Osaka, I would recommend to visit Shinsekai. 

Marisa: How did you get started in music? Did you come from a musical family? What were your biggest musical influences?

Rinko : I started playing piano when I was 3. I didn't come from a musical family, but my mother liked listening to music, and she used to play classical music, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin in the house. My biggest musical influence is the biography of Beethoven I read just when I started playing piano.

Yuzuru : I started playing my father's gut guitar. My parents liked music for film, and they had many vinyls from classic American movies. My first music inspiration was by film score. As for rock music, I was very excited to listen to The Beatles when I was in elementary school.

Takashi : I always liked listening to music. I started playing drums with my classmate when I was in high school. There are many artists who influenced me, although my drumming is inspired by Stewart Copeland (POLICE), Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello & the Attractions) and Terry Chambers (XTC). Keith Moon, Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr are my heroes.

Marisa: What instruments do you play, and how old were you when you learned to play them?

Rinko : I learned how to play piano when I was 3, saxophone from 12, guitars when I was 15.

Yuzuru : I started playing guitars when I was 11, self-taught.

Takashi : I started playing drums when I was 16.

Marisa: What was your first concert that you attended, and how did that compare to the first concert that you played?

Rinko : My piano instructor's concert. This experience made me want to perform on stage.

Yuzuru : I saw when The Ventures came to Mororan for tour.

Takashi : I went to see my friend's show when I was 16. I heard Anarchy in the U.K. cover, and it made me want to play this song as well. I didn't get to play this song at my very first show, but I remember I was very excited to play.    

Marisa: What was the first album you purchased?

Rinko : Soundtrack of "Castle in the Sky."

Yuzuru : The Beatles "The red album."

Takashi : The Drifters (Japanese rock and roll band and comedy group) "Zundoko-Bushi."

Marisa: How do you go about writing music? What comes first for you: drums, guitars, vocals or something else? Has the process of writing changed for you over the years at all?

Rinko: I'm the composer, and melody, guitar riff, bass phrase and drum pattern comes to my mind first often. It depends on the time what part comes to my mind first. Of course sometimes everything comes to my mind at once. I start the process by composing, then have everyone in the studio listen, let the phrase of the ideas. Because the song has a core, I try not to miss it, but I miss it on purpose if necessary. We arrange the song by playing with a whole band.

Marisa: What is your favorite musical technique?

Rinko : Sharp cutting, play with a strong rhythm.

Yuzuru : Feedback with a distortion. Oscillation of analog delay.

Takashi : I just keep the Eight Beat.

Marisa: What's the coolest musical technique in your latest project, or what is something people might not expect?

Rinko : "CUTE" is an interesting song.

Yuzuru: Please listen to guitar on "RiverS".

Takashi : There might not be anything people might not expect, but my latest natural musical style is there.

 Marisa: What is the scariest thing about being on the road?

Rinko : Bathrooms.

Yuzuru : Equipment trouble.

Takashi : I can't think any, but maybe health care?

Marisa: Best or worst tour moment?

Rinko: Best moment is when it's a nice weather. Worst moment comes when the toilet is broken.

Yuzuru : Best moment is to see the audience that are excited. Worst moment is when the shower at the hotel room doesn't work.

Takashi : Tour is always my best moment.  The worst moment is when I lock the car with the key inside.

 Marisa: What's your favorite way to travel and why?

Rinko : Travel with a sketchbook. I often end up with a nice drawing.

Yuzuru : I always have notebook with me for an idea I can only come across when I'm traveling.

Takashi : I try to wear casual clothes, that way I can enjoy travels.

Marisa: What's your favorite place to travel to, and is there anywhere you have not been to that you would like to go to?

Rinko : My favorite place to travel is where it's sunny.  I'd like to go wherever they ask us to do shows.

Yuzuru : I would like to travel anywhere. I'll go anywhere where the audience is.

Takashi : It's a tough question. I would like to go anywhere I have never been.

Marisa: What do you think is the biggest difference between playing in Japan versus other places in the world?

Rinko : Banter.

Yuzuru : Voltage.

Takashi : Both audience are excited at the show, but Japanese fans are more shy. Fans from other countries are very friendly, and they enjoy the atmosphere of the show.

Marisa: What's your biggest musical fantasy?

Rinko : Our music shows the presence.

Yuzuru : To meet the audience all over the world at our shows.

Takashi : To make everyone in the world dance with my drums.

Marisa: I have three personality questions that I ask everyone. They might sound like hogwash, but I promise, there is a psychological basis to the answers ;-) First, if you were an unicorn, and you could be any color but white, what color would you be and would you have any special powers?

Rinko : Emerald green. This can make bad mood to good mood.

Yuzuru : Silver. You can travel anywhere in a moment.

Takashi : Gold. It has a special power, but I can't tell you all.

Marisa: If you were yogurt, what flavor would you be (feel free to be creative, as this does not have to be a traditional flavor) and how would you be served?

Rinko : Fruit. I would like to be served gently.

Yuzuru : Honey. In a glass bowl.

Takashi : Liquor. Would like to be carried by a beautiful women.

Marisa: Describe yourself as either a dog, a cat or a cartoon.

Rinko : Dog wearing in a cat costume.          

Yuzuru : Siberian husky.

Takashi : A cat that can't just take it easy. I would like to live as I like; however, there are some struggles.

Marisa: Do you collect anything?

Rinko : Collections of poems.

Yuzuru : History books, stones.

Takashi : Tuning keys.

Marisa: What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

Rinko : Read biography.

Yuzuru : Visit temples.

Takashi : Alcoholic drinks.

Marisa: Do you have any hidden talents or special skills?

Rinko : People watching.

Yuzuru : I can make Sushi.

Takashi : Judo, I have blackbelt.

Marisa: What's the most important thing to remember?

Rinko : When I was able to accomplish the hard target.

Yuzuru : Childhood memories: sneaking in a factory to play with friends.

Takashi : Memories with my family, my father.

Marisa: What was your most influential moment?

Rinko : While I was reading Rickenbacker book, I came across a Rickenbacker model that was hard to find. Of course, I bought it right away. That is the Rickenbacker I'm using now. There was some strong connection that you can't see.

Yuzuru : When I heard the live loud electric guitar sound when I was in high school.

Takashi : Every encounter and separation.

Marisa: If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

Rinko : Designer.

Yuzuru : Historian.

Takashi : Restaurant or bar owner.

Marisa: What are three things you must have with you when you are on the road? Rinko : iPod, sketchbook, excitement Yuzuru : memo pad, books, maps Takashi : passport, cash, health

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