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Censored yet again: the other Cannabis Cup article...

For those of you who don't know me, I hate to get censored, despise it.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time.  This is the latest article to get censored and pulled from another publication, so I'll publish it here myself:

Michigan's High Times Cannabis Cup:

“Dude! Zombies! Where are the signs saying 'beware of zombies?'”

Herds are barely able to toddle. They slowly shuffle. Careful, as they are not the fastest to respond.

Gaits may be a little off. Some limp or waddle. This only adds to the zombie effect.

Many have health issues that led to them ambling slowly toward the convention. Ask and hear stories like the girl who slammed her face into the steering wheel in a car accident, the girl who was told she would never walk again after a cliff diving accident, and the guy hit by a car going more than 55 MPH. Each of them were lucky to survive, and continue to live in chronic pain with a host of health problems.

Luckily, a medicinal herb helps them. This conventions celebrates that magical plant. It's the Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan, hosted by an old school pro-marijuana publication called High Times.

Okay, so some people might just feel like a zombie after sampling a few free dabs, practically drooling on themselves and a little out of it, but that's why it never hurts to have a designated driver. One does not have to be a medical marijuana patient to attend the Cannabis Cup, only those who plan on medicating in the designated outdoor area. Looking around the crowd, one might notice a plentiful amount of locked cases that people are carrying, but remember, even medical patients should keep their legal medication in a locked container in the trunk when it is being transported to such an event.

The best is judged. Walk around, sample products, and pick a favorite booth. Then, cast a vote.

Along the journey, get greeted by a sexy version of Alice in Wonderland, see a guy in a pot leaf suit, get approached by a giant bud smoking a joint, and follow a man in a clear box with LED lights illuminating. Try to make it all the way around the Herbal Solutions table. Try not to tap out too soon.

Like it Raw? Good, grab a Raw paper. The one cone takes about an ounce to fill.

Check out the Tommy Chong products. Pose with a cardboard cutout. Download their playful app.

Attend a seminar. Hear war stories. Learn cooking techniques.

Chill out at the concerts. Dance with new friends. Become one with the music.

Get a VIP gift bag. Head back to the VIP tent. Get a free caricature drawn.

Is that Danny Danko? What's he rolling? Puff and pass.

The free weed seminar consisted of the steady work of rolling, followed by the continuous passing of the samples to be puffed. Rolling techniques vary. Sometimes, it's great to get an up-close look.

There's fun and frivolity, but there's also a political side to things. Various donations are set up for children suffering from cancer. Reading their stories is absolutely heartbreaking; they're so young.

A six-time cancer survivor confided that cannabis was the only thing that helped her through chemotherapy. “I wouldn't be able to hold down food or have any type of an appetite without it.” For so many, it can be a bigger help than all the pills that doctors readily and constantly prescribe to people.

Each person has a different story. Nearly every person at the event had battled in a personal war. Though each had their own reason for their interest in cannabis and attending the event, all were cool.

The vibe is chill and welcoming. The only thing to be scared of it the rain that flooded the second day of the event, especially when there were whispers of tornado warnings. Many did not stick around.

People packed up a little early. That's the only bad part of having an outdoor event; there's not many places to hide in case of bad weather. Still, this only meant people were willing to dole out deals.

Ready to recoup any kind of cost, many gave out deals of more than 50% off, gave out free samples, and threw in added bonuses of things they did not want to carry through the rain when packing up. It's worth donning an umbrella or rain poncho, just to shop the last minute deals as people are closing up.

Pick up one of the glass pieces handcrafted by an artist at the event. Feet of flame spit from glowing glass. The artist blows into the long tube and spins, manipulating the the liquid before it solidifies.

It's easy to spend an hour watching the glass blowers. See the craft from start to finish. They're good.

Some glass has squishy faces like an old man trapped in the glass. Other pieces look like terrific animals from a fantasy world. Abstract pieces do not need rhyme, logic or reason to look awesome.

Learn how to grow and blossom. There's a host of techniques, and this convention has a slew of teachers. Ask around, and there's more than one person that can usually answer about any question.

Seminars have tips. Various methods are talked about. Each teacher has their own preferences.

Flowers line nearly every path. There's samples and displays of pot leaves with other flowers, too. No matter which path you take, it's almost like walking through a dense fog, being outside in thick smoke.

Seemingly each direction leads to a dab. Try some gummies, eat some nuts, suck on a lollipop, chow a brownie, a pretty cupcake, or scrumptious strawberry cake. How about some medicated hot wings?

There's so much to do, see, try and learn that it's almost overwhelming trying to fit in everything. There's regrets of things missed by the end. Of course, there's always Jamaica, Portland or California.

The High Times Cannabis Cup will be traveling to other locations throughout the year. Don't drag those feet and miss out. Check out the latest events at

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