Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Be carefree at Coco Key

Coco Key is a fun place to be.  Ride down a waterslide, whee!  Your face with beam with glee.

This family destination in Orlando is the place to go to make every family member’s face aglow.

Slipping down a water slide is always a fun ride, and International Drive has attractions curbside.

Next door is putt-putt.  At breakfast buffet, have a donut.  So much to do, it’s hard to decide what.

Some have it made by simply playing in the arcade.  Others would rather splash around like a mermaid.

Hop the shuttle to Universal or Sea World.  Doesn’t matter if hair is curled.  Roller coasters twirled.

Get passes in the lobby.  Orlando theme parks could be a new hobby.  Try restaurants serving kohlrabi.

Go up in the sky on the Orlando Eye.  Try Sleuths, laugh until you cry while solving how one did die.

Explore Wonderworks. Ripley’s is full of berserks.  Coco Key’s central location has many perks.

Hop in the Jacuzzi to relax.  The two person slide is a climax.  Slide and feel the g-force impacts.

Hot tub has a waterfall.  Take a picture in front of it like a doll.  Jump in the pool with a cannonball.

Squirt friends with a water gun.  Decide which slide is the most fun.  Kick back and get some sun.

Grabs drink at the Tiki bar.  Poolside eats means you don’t have to go far.  Write this in your memoir.

Swim until you can’t bare it.  Maybe if you act with merit, you can get your picture with the parrot.

Play in the gingerbread house.  Spend quality time with your spouse.  Beware of the bucket douse.

Underneath the hanging shark, take cover from wetness under the arc.  Up the waterscape you embark.

If you’d rather be dry like a drought, go to the weight room to work out or simply meander about.

There’s computers to use, awesome greenery to cruise, and so much fun you won’t want to snooze.

Eventually, the bed will call your name, and that is anything but lame, as comfort is their aim.

Fluff the pillow and flop down.  There will not be a frown.  It is relaxation all the way around.

Walk amongst the palm.  Breathe in the fun and the calm.  Go to

Book your vacation today.  You’ll be glad you came to play, and you’ll want to extend your stay.

Escape from cold weather forecasters.  Avoid icy disasters.  Marisa Williams earned her Master’s

in Writing from Johns Hopkins.  She enjoys travels that promotes grins and taking along swim fins.

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