Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Escapology is exciting, knuckle biting and uniting

Escapology is the place to go when visiting Orlando.  It will require logic and problem solving though.

If you’re one that likes to snoop, gather together a group, and see if you can get the scoop.

Pick a scenario.  Budapest Express or eenie meenie miney mo.  Get into character, “cheerio!”

Don’t think of being locked in a room.  Don’t let your heart fill with gloom.  It’s not impending doom.

Try to escape.  Don’t leave your mouth agape.  Look at the landscape.

Scour the locked room for a clue.  Have teammates help you.  Discover a breakthrough.

Be part of a Western shootout with a gun.  Find clues before the clock’s done.  Get help from everyone.

Put your heads together.  Look under the leather.  Pressure tightens like a tether.

The clock counts down.  Try not to frown.  It’s like playing hide and seek on the playground.

Look for hidden keys.  Wake up on a Chinese junk sailing the seas.  Feel out of your expertise.

Get Shangaied.  Swallow your pride.  Ask for help from your observing guide.

Solve a riddle and gloat.  Pressure wraps around your throat.  Time to find the Antidote.

Can you find the vaccine in time?  Are you thinking at your prime?  Can you solve the crime?

The clock continues to tock and tick.  You have to be quick.  Check the candlestick, or is it a card trick?

Bounce around the room like a pinball.  Search over it all.  Hunt and try to muster the wherewithal.

This is supposed to be fun.  You struggle to get it done.  Somehow you wind up back where you begun.

When were we booked?  Was something overlooked?  Escapology has you frustrated but hooked.

Brain starts to steam.  Anxiety hits the extreme.  There’s a new clue found by the team.

Do a happy dance.  This could be your chance.  Give the evidence a glance and search the expanse.

Go into beast mode.  Try to crack the code.  Clock keeps counting like a bomb will explode.

Try to stay calm for your friends.  Deep breaths to try to cleanse.  Momentary peace transcends.

Give your teammates an encouraging nuzzle.  Quiet you frustrations with a muzzle.  Solve the puzzle.

Your senses are spicous.  It’s the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It’s like fighting modern day Isis.

Try to prevent a World War.  Don’t want to risk losing the Corps.  Check inside that drawer.

The door is still locked.  Progress is blocked.  A friend finds the key, and you’re shocked.

Energy is restored.  You are floored.  This requires more thought than a move on a chess board.

Open the door to the next room.  Look inside an ancient tomb.  This must be the Lost City you assume.

There are more dilemmas to confront.  Continue on the hunt.  Logic turns into a challenging stunt.

Struggle to make sense.  Because of this, then hence.  The air is building with suspense.

The clock is almost done.  Rely upon a loved one.  Vow the team will not be outdone by anyone.

Don’t allow people to go berserk.  Double up the team work.  Ignore anyone acting a jerk with a smirk.

Has the team evolved?  Will you have it solved?   It’s amazing how everyone’s involved.

Visit Escapology for an experience in criminology mixed with the bonding of sociology.

Stalk like a peeping tom to have your mind blown like an exploding bomb.

Escapology is knuckle biting and uniting.  Johns Hopkins is where Marisa earned her Master’s in Writing.  For more that’s exciting, can be delighting.

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