Sunday, February 14, 2016

Drowning Pool with Audiotopsy and Violent New Breed at Diesel Lounge

Sneaking up to Diesel Lounge, sly like a weasel, to take in bands creating on a musical easel,

I braved the snow and the winds that did blow to head up to the show with my bro.

Of course excited to see Drowning Pool, as Ozzfest 2002 was old school, and touring together was cool

up until they found Dave dead when Tommy went to wake him from bed, filling the tour with dread.

They were replaced by Tommy Lee, and the future they could not foresee, except a feeling they told me

about in New Orleans. There would be bad by some means. They could feel it in bones through jeans.

They said put it on record. It struck a sour chord, but they were right; Dimebag was shot in his gourd.

They played with his band on that tour. For death, there is no cure, but they felt it coming for sure.

They did foretell a death, feeling it like the devil's breath. This isn't crazy talk like someone on meth.

Even after the demise, like a phoenix, they did rise, but their sound they did revise with new eyes.

A new lead singer means new sound, not throwing in the ringer, but holding ground like a gunslinger.

Other bands playing with them can relate. It's like wiping clean the slate and setting the record straight.

Audiotopsy has guys from Mudvayne. Hellyeah felt the pain, but nobody is giving up their rein.

Greg Tribbett's new project is worthy of much respect, not one that should be henpecked.

He left Dimebag's brother in Hellyeah to form another rocking band that is like no other.

Stretching his musical wings, still twanging the guitar strings, he simply wanted to try different things.

Just like Max Green fronting Violent New Breed. He is keen of the new melodic hardcore careen

that will knock listeners back, slamming in an audio attack, pummeling them with riffs that smack.

He did Escape the Fate with a band that was worth the wait. This is a band to reinvigorate.

Just like Dead in 5, another band worth seeing live, as they are hard hitting, like a power drive.

It made me blush when I saw members of 60 Second Crush. I took them all in like a lush.

Former members had a new band. I fell for them like quick sand, sucking me in by command.

As Dead in 5 played, I found that I was not dismayed, as they cut into me like a sharp blade.

I cannot convey how I was pulled into the band Cadre, as their beats made me want to stay.

They brought the biker crowd and were enough to make other bands proud, and they played loud.

The homegrown band from Detroit was more than a little adroit, and their sound did not exploit.

They headlined the smaller stage, along with bands young in age who actually knew how to engage.

All is Faded may not be quite as jaded, but they could rock the venue totally unaided.

Guitarist wore stars and striped pants. They could inspire some chants. They're worth of a few rants.

3 Minutes to Oblivion was, too. They were young but knew what to do. I'll drop one clue:

these guys will rise up in the scene, as their playing is clean. Catch them when they next convene.

At the end of the night, Drowning Pool closed the show with might, playing “Bodies” like a bullfight,

people crashing, arms and leg lashing in a whirling mosh pit that is simply thrashing.

One last thing I must say, at the end of the day, Jason can actually hit the melodies like a blue jay.

So far, he is the best fit vocally, I must admit, even if he brings a punk rock style into it.

My challenge to him may sound strange, but perhaps he should arrange to sing with all his range.

He has the ability, though he seems to fight the docility, but I am pleased with his suitability.

Overall, the show was awesome, from the strum of guitars to pounding drum, music to succumb

to many drinks. Don't sit around like a sphinx. Check out all of these band links:

For more by Marisa:

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