Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prehistoric Fun at Dinosaur World

Take a trip back in time, before there was gun crime, when vegetation growth was sublime.

Travel back before there were cars, or obnoxiously loud bars, when direction came from the stars.

Fast as you blinked, travel back to before dinosaurs were extinct, and learn what made them distinct.

Study each fossil. Learn which dinosaur would have been docile, and which ones were colossal.

Tiptoe across the floor. Hear a scary roar. Turn the corner and see a massive moving dinosaur.

You can hardly believe your eyes. Take in its mammoth size. “Whoa, check it out, guys.”

Your friends stare in awe. “Look at the size of that paw! That's even cooler than the artifacts we saw.”

You wouldn't want to get scratched by those nails, or get whacked by their tails. Set out for the trails.

Time to disembark. Meander Dinosaur World park. Think how it'd be to run into dinos after dark.

Would you be on the food chain? Carnivores could cause a lot of pain. Herbivores would abstain.

Be very quiet. The guide will tell you more about their diet. They add in jokes that are a riot.

They lead you on a hunt. You have to bring bones to the forefront. This is a time consuming stunt.

With proper tools in hand, carefully brush off layers of the sand. The unraveling puzzle will expand.

Further down you mined. There's still more bones to find. The skeleton may not be perfectly aligned.

Dig deeper still. Finding artifacts gives you a thrill. It's fun to learn paleontological skill.

Browse a paleontological work site. The Skeleton Garden is a delight. Uncover fossils into sight.

What's next in store? There's more than 20 acres to explore. Shiny things you do adore.

Crack open a geode. Once where magma flowed, minerals left behind gave crystals an abode.

Within a rocky surface they hide. Crack it open and look inside. It sparkles like a ring on a bride.

Ready for a hands on quiz? See who is the biggest dinosaur whiz. Can you touch and tell what it is?

Dinosaur World is like traveling through the ages. See massive creatures free of cages. This engages.

There's so much to see. There's room to run around with glee. History holds the key.

There's much to learn, you will want to return. It's the place to go if it's dinosaurs you yearn.

If visiting Florida to walk amongst the palm, bring sun balm, and go to www.dinosaurworld.com.

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