Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Spa, LLC, will pamper away worry with minerals of the sea

There's a tranquil place to go when visiting Orlando that will leave you feeling all aglow.

The Spa, LLC, is the place to be for pampering that is like sensuality with minerals of the sea.

It was one of their missions to certify all facial technicians, helping with a variety of conditions.

They have masks for hydration and scrubs for exfoliation. After, you might not need foundation.

Though they garnered notoriety for their facials variety, their massages will calm anxiety.

Relax with a massage. They don't care if you're wearing camouflage or if you brought your entourage.

There's plenty of room for a group, so bring in the whole troupe for a time to unwind and recoup.

Invite the entire bridal party. Sip some Chablis, relax out back by the Jacuzzi, and be carefree.

They can do your makeup like a grownup, making you look as beautiful as a buttercup.

Kick back in a chair, and let them add a little color or flare to your hair if you dare.

Try some enzymatic sea mud to detoxify your blood and leave you feeling like a stud.

For a night out with the gals, be sure to have them decorate your nails with ornate details.

Be stylish with a manicure and a matching pedicure, so you're ready for haute couture.

Have reflexology on your feet, soaking them in wet heat, with a sugar scrub that can't be beat.

If you like getting wax into all of your cracks, there's a membership club, so you can relax.

Enjoy half off with a wax membership, a free birthday wax is pretty hip, and they are Brazilian equip.

See how smooth waxing feels. They can even soften up the heels. They also have other deals.

Whether you like a relaxing rub, or a rejuvenating scrub, be sure to sign up for the half price club.

Find their specials online. Purchase one for your Valentine. Come in and relax with a glass of wine.

Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way with packages including mimosas and strawberries, hooray!

Their specials are great for frugality, wine is a nice hospitality, and they will boost your vitality.

Set aside any qualm and schedule an appointment to try a balm by visiting www.thespallc.com.

Keep up the good looks. Get your hooks into Marisa's books: visit www.lulu.com/spotlight/thorisaz.

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