Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Exotic Car Show in Lakewood Ranch, FL

How many car shows have a marching band?  In Lakewood Ranch, the high school marching band roamed through the Exotic Car Show, adding an element of style and class.  With flags twirling and pom-poms shaking, the drums of the marching band had intense flames that matched some of the exotic cars.

From Lamborghinis and Maseratis, to Jaguars and McLarens, there were so many cars to ogle.  Famous movie cars lined the streets, from the long, red and white Ghostbuster’s car, to the original Batmobile, there were life sized cardboard cutouts next to some vehicles, where people could pose next to it, pretending to be with the stars from the movies.  Being able to feel as if in the movies only added to that special spark in the air; with all the exotic cars, it felt as if the place had transformed the Hollywood.

As if transformed to a bygone era, there were classic cars that were rare to see.  Unlike regular classic car shows with Fords and Chevys, this pocket of Sarasota County, Florida, featured the upscale models like Bentleys and Rolls Royces, with models showing the progressive timelines of the vehicles.  Not only were there models from centuries ago, but they had the brand new models without a speck of dust on them.

Plush interiors, many were custom, with raised emblems on the headrests.  From two-tone leathers, to outlandish colors that most people would only dream about, just a glance inside of the vehicles could send one to a dream-like state, mesmerized, fantasizing about taking a little cruise – or maybe picturing flooring the pedal to the medal to see how fast these beauties would go.  Like a kid in a massive candy store, the only problem is deciding which one is the best to select as the ultimate dream car.

Slick curves on the exterior of these vehicles can be better than the curves of the human body.  While many people stand patiently to capture the perfect picture, others are simply standing in awe, jaws dropped.  “So, that’s what a Bentley looks like in person; wow, did you ever think you’d see one?”

Overhearing the conversations of people passing by, people comment on the clean engines that looked as if there had never been a splash of oil or any other contaminant.  There’s nitrous hooked up in some, and people comment how much faster that would make the cars go.  Others marvel at the custom paints, gathering inspiration of what they could do to their own vehicles.

Of course, the police were there.  They had their tactical vehicles there on display.  That way, people could lust in their hearts about playing grown up cops and robbers, being able to plow over a plethora of terrains in order to make a daring rescue when required. 

It’s not very often that there’s a car show of this caliber.  One cannot even imagine how many millions of dollars of vehicles were on display in one location.  These were truly the best of the best of exotics.

As this was the Second Annual Exotic Car Festival, one can only wonder how it might be topped next year.  Presented by the Ferrari Driver’s Group and Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, rare vintage Lotus, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, and McLaren were just some of the brands on display.  Though it had free admission for spectators, all of the proceeds from the event were to benefit the North Pole Foundation; the “Flight to the North Pole” is an annual Christmas event providing goodwill and compassion to families with a child suffering from a life-threatening illness or special health problem:
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