Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Vilest Breed emerges as a full band again

St. Patrick’s Day brought back Brian to the band Vilest Breed.  He had taken a hiatus from the band earlier in the year, simply walking away from music for a while.  Not that he had given up on music completely, as I heard him shred a few Taylor Swift covers in his living room while Josh sang, giving a whole new meaning to Taylor Swift when it’s sung by a guy. 

Sometimes, when it’s the same music over and over, you have to take a break to clear your head, and that’s exactly what Brian did.  However, when he returned, he did so with a vengeance.  Though the St. Patrick’s Day show might not have been the biggest event that Vilest Breed has ever played, it certainly sounded like one of the better performances that I’ve heard them in do in a long while.  There’s something about everyone in the band coming together, focusing in on the prize, and performing completely sober on one of the biggest drinking days of the year that gave it a little something extra.

It was certainly nice to not have to drive far, as Port Charlotte finally hosted a metal show at The Hive, located at 4095 Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte.  It’s one of those clubs that when you walk up, you ask yourself if you’re in the right place, as there’s two parts to the bar.  Actually, you have to walk through the front club to get to the back club, which is where the metal show was hosted. 

Yes, there’s something nice about being able to play pool up front, but there’s something underground about having to maneuver to the back to find the hidden gem where local bands gathered to show off their skills.  The free show wasn’t all metal, as a rap group called 2099 started the show, followed by Casket Dancer, Born to Expire, Dav, Earthworm von Doom, Grasping at the Shadow, The Holloway, and Vilest Breed.  It’s nice to know there’s a local spot that supports the local artists in the area.
By the way, there's something completely awesome about violins in hardcore music.  I don't care what you say, you need to hear it.  I'll give props to the violins in metal any day.

While the music varied from act to act, there was a hardcore theme throughout most of it.  Nobody got completely naked like some people thought, but there was some skin that was flashed from the stage.  Certainly, there was moshing going on, and when people needed to take a breather, it was nice to be able to chillax near the water and look for gators lurking in the darkness of the depth below the dock.

As for Vilest Breed, they’re gearing up for another show in Friday night.  That’s going to be at Kelly’s up in Sarasota.  Bring your favorite moshing gear, and get ready to hear a little girl belt out some hardcore growls that will raise the hair on your arms and cause you to knock your head while holding up horns.

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